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How It Works

Narrator uses modern technology to develop custom analyses that go far deeper than simple charts or dashboards.


1. Understand your business

Our analysts work with you to understand your core metrics, business concepts, and which analyses will be most impactful. Just tell us anything you want to know about your business.

2. Audit your data

We do a full audit of your existing system to make sure you’re capturing all necessary data for analysis. We’ll also make suggestions for improvement to prevent common tracking bugs.

3. Transform your data

We transform your data into a common format, leaving it in your warehouse if you have one, or by setting one up if you don't. This includes connecting your user data across all of your data sources so you can audit the complete history of any one of your customers.

4. Deliver analyses

Using this transformed data, our team of analysts delivers analyses with concrete recommendations so you can take action. Each analysis includes a full breakdown using text, plots, and algorithms to give you confidence in the result.


One universal data model, unlimited analyses

Our secret sauce is our universal data model: once we transform your existing data into our universal structure in your warehouse, we use our already existing templates to build out custom analyses in a fraction of the time.

We love walking people through the specifics of the data model and how we generate analyses. Contact us to chat with one of our founders.

We love giving data advice

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