Your customers interact with your entire business. Why make decisions from only part of it?

Narrator is the first customer data analytics platform built for product teams that uses all of your data directly from your data warehouse.

Benefits of using data from your warehouse

Narrator believes in order to build better products, you need to better understand your customers. We built Narrator to be on top of your data warehouse so your customer data is more comprehensive, accurate, and accessible.

Use all your data,
not just page views

See all customer interactions

Narrator takes care of user mapping and bridges all your data sources automatically. See a comprehensive story for each individual customer from first visit to all app activities.

Past, present, and future data

Narrator works with any existing or future data source in your warehouse, regardless of structure or origin.

Integrate with your data warehouse with minimal effort for your data team

Easy one-time set up, unlimited queries

Your data team defines business concepts once. Combine them in different ways to answer data questions yourself in minutes.


Everyone’s using data from one central place that’s been vetted by your data team, so rest assured that analysis and metrics across teams will match.

Powerful analytics tools to build better products

The analytics tools and capabilities you already know and love, now supercharged by all of your data.

Define complex datasets without SQL

Narrator’s Dataset UI queries data that’s already been cleaned and formatted, so you can focus on finding answers, not chasing and validating data.

Access all your data easily

Find the data you need without having to know the intricacies of your data warehouse.

Integrate with your existing workflow

Narrator integrates seamlessly with your existing data tools. Use Looker and Tableau to build visualizations directly from Narrator datasets. Easily export to Excel or Google sheets for manual analysis.

Narrator is data team-approved.

Designed with change in mind

New integrations, data corrections, and business redefinitions are all part of your data team's responsibility, so we make cascading those changes easy.

It’s all SQL

Narrator works seamlessly alongside your existing infrastructure. Everything is SQL, and all data remains in your warehouse. Easily debug any issue, understand definitions, and add more integrations.

Self-service with full control

Narrator provides true self-service to a product team while retaining full control for the data team. Stakeholders always answer questions based on the data team's definitions. Setup is easy and data is always trusted, validated, and easy to maintain.

Your data is always yours

Your data is always yours and stays in your warehouse. All analyses, transformations, and definitions in Narrator are in SQL. If you stop using Narrator all Narrator generated tables will remain in your warehouse.

Try Narrator with your data

Your team could be using Narrator in as little as 2 hours. Setup is free and easy.