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The story of your company, told through data.

Take advantage of your existing data on day one, and never worry about maintenance or updates as your company continues to grow.

The Narrator Platform provides:

Narrator Studio

Comprehensive Analytics

Data System

Scalable Infrastructure

Mavis AI


Narrator Studio


A web application for visualizing and tracking KPIs on a high level, and drilling down to find opportunities to grow.

We're currently in Beta and launching new features on a weekly basis.

Data sent to you when you need it—presented the way you want it.

Data System

Data Pipeline

We manage the data pipeline to continuously migrate all of your raw data sources to your Redshift warehouse.


We transform all your data into a single reliable data model. This allows you to run analysis on any segment of your customer lifecycle.

Mavis AI

Coming Soon

Mavis AI Tests every potential problem on your dataset on a daily basis, identifying opportunities for growth.

As we grow our client network, and expand on our library of potential problems, Mavis AI becomes more valuable.

  • Groupon Problem

    Do customers based on a lead source with high conversion have a low LTV due to no upsell?

  • Customer Segmentation Problem

    Did a shift in a customer demographic (more women than men coming into the funnel) cause a change in conversion?

  • Ramp Up Curve Problem

    Does your sales team require onboarding time to become consistent?

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