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A data platform for making better decisions



For the first time ever, McKinsey level analyses delivered the moment you need them

Designed for making confident decisions and taking concrete actions

Central to each Narrative is a recommendation, right on top, making it easy to extract immediate takeaways to use the data and make decisions.

Each Narrative is presented as a story, so anyone on your team can understand the underlying insights and therefore have confidence in any decision being made.

Built by experts, not robots

Each Narrative is hand-written by our team of experts (minimum 5 years experience as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist), not a robot generating fun facts.

Battle-tested with 50+ companies

Each Narrative is vetted with real companies, using real data, meaning every recommendation will give you reliable results.

Our Innovation

A standardized data structure unlocks thousands of Narratives

Instead of having your team build a custom table for each analysis, set up a few building blocks and access the entire Narrator library on day one

Coming Soon

The Narrator Marketplace

Our experts are adding new Narratives to our library each week, and soon any data expert will be able to do the same
By standardizing all of data, we enable any analyst to open source their analyses
Approved by data teams:
Access all your data by connecting to your data warehouse
Define flexible definitions with SQL
100% transparency through simple traceability
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