Self-Service Analytics Powered by a Customer 360

Narrator allows anyone to get answers in minutes instead of weeks, using the same data as your data team

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The Narrator Data Platform

Narrator helps your data team build a customer 360, which provides the foundation for a comprehensive self-service experience for your company.

How it works

Self-Service Analytics Across All Your Data

Transformation layer to build your customer 360

A customer 360 is a table that is centered around your core customer where each row is an action taken by your customer in time (can be a client 360, company 360, vehicle 360, etc…).

  • Built on top of the source of truth data in your warehouse, validated by your data team

  • Easy to consume: each data point is a customer action, so no need for a data dictionary

  • Only 20 lines of SQL on average per transformation (see our library of templates)

Dedicated tool for self-serve analytics

Answering questions is as simple as combining customer actions from your customer 360.

Each example answered in under 5 minutes:

Integrations to power your existing reports and workflows

Materialize tables from Narrator into your warehouse to power your BI layer, or update Google and Excel spreadsheets.

Build cohorts based on customer behavior and sync to ad platforms, Email Service Providers, and other SaaS tools.

Our Innovation

Self-Service Analytics needs a Customer 360 table

Any question about your customers can be answered using your customer 360 because it contains all your customer data

Our customers already taking advantage of self-service analytics

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In less than a week, begin enabling true self-service analytics

Connect Narrator's data platform to your existing data warehouse, or set up a brand new data system powered by Narrator.
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