Answer any data request in under 10 minutes powered by a single table

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The Narrator Data Platform

Get the answers you need in minutes instead of weeks. Our single-table approach replaces the need for joins, maintenance, and complicated SQL, while still preserving the accuracy, reliability and control of your data warehouse.

How it works

A fast, accurate, and zero maintenance data platform

Capture your business logic as building blocks

Key features of each building block:

  • Built on top of the source of truth in your data warehouse

  • Only 20 lines of SQL on average (see our library of templates)

  • Customizable so your team has full control

Use those building blocks to self-serve the data you need

Before Narrator, answering any new question that combines data sources can take weeks and requires SQL expertise.

With Narrator, get the answers you need in a few mintues, with no SQL experience required.

Each example answered in under 5 minutes:

Integrate automatically with your existing workflows

Materialize tables from Narrator into your warehouse to power your BI layer, or update Google and Excel spreadsheets.

Build cohorts based on customer behavior and sync to ad platforms, Email Service Providers, and other SaaS tools.

Our Innovation

Activity Schema:
The next generation of data modeling

This single table approach enables anyone to self-serve any data request instantly
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In less than a week, start answering questions
as quickly as you can ask them

Connect Narrator's data platform to your existing data warehouse, or set up a brand new data system powered by Narrator.
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