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The Data Problem

Using the following methods to find useful insights is time consuming, complicated, and overwhelming.

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KPI Dashboards

Analytics Tools

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Our Solution

Narrator takes all of your data and automatically generates actionable insights.

An actual insight from one of our clients:

Age of customers is causing a steep decline in your conversion rate. We predict you will continue to lose 3% of your sales revenue each month if left unfixed.

1) Over the last 5 months, your conversion rate from step 1 to step 2 has been steadily declining.

2) Over the last year, customers under 30 convert at a significantly lower rate than customers over 30.

3) Total customers under the age of 30 over the last 5 months has increased significantly.

This shift in customer distribution is driving the decline in conversion rate from step 1 to step 2.

Top Sources for Customers under 30

CampaignMultiple of Young to Old% of Total LeadsCPL
Instagram - ig_cool_crew3.2x18% (6.8k/38k)$0.41
Instagram - ig_fun_crew3.7x9% (3.5k/38k)$0.67
Facebook - fb_tastemaker2.1x3% (1.1k/38k)$0.35

Top Sources for Customers over 30

CampaignMultiple of Old to Young% of Total LeadsCPL
AdWords - save_money_usp4x3% (1.1k/38k)$0.95
AdWords - save_time_usp2x4% (1.5k/38k)$1.31

4) Instagram campaigns "ig_cool_crew" and "ig_fun_crew" brought in way more younger customers than older customers.

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