Spend more time answering data questions and less time maintaining data infrastructure

Narrator provides a managed data system where all the data you need is in one table.

The cost of not using data

The job of data is to help inform decision-making and bring visibility into how your business is performing. The cost of not having this super-power is:

  • Unchecked hunches

  • Wasted money on marketing campaigns

  • Blind spots in your ops and sales processes

Imagine the accumulated cost of poor decisions. It could mean tens or sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative impact on your company's bottom line!

Narrator: A managed data system where all the data you need is in one table

Fully Managed

Narrator takes care of the annoying stuff (identity resolution, query optimization, scheduling, etc...) so your data team can focus on what matters.

Single Source of Truth

With only one table, each definition is shared company-wide and all reports, dashboards, and analyses point at the same source.


With only one layer of transformation, migrations to new data sources and updates to existing definitions are trivial.


With Narrator's Universal Data Model under the hood, you can take advantage of our growing library of existing data analyses that can be available out of the box in a matter of days.

Used in production for important decisions

"With data coming in from our app and stores across different channels and geographies, it was imperative for us to marshall our data intelligently. Narrator, and their talented team, have helped us set up a scalable data infrastructure, while also providing deep, impactful analyses that have enabled us to optimize our offering and better engage with our members."

Ben Tilton

SVP of Operations, New Stand

"We first used Narrator when we were a scrappy startup working out of an apartment. 18 months later, we have grown to more than 300 employees, many of whom leverage data on a daily basis to identify insights."

Peter MacRobert

VP of Engineering, Candid Co

Narrator Demo

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