Your insights are only as powerful as the data that powers them

Narrator enables everyone at your organization to easily get the data they need with the confidence of a Senior Data Analyst. Numbers always match and are easy to verify.

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Lower the bar to data access

Waiting for data to take your team to the next level?

Answer complex data questions with a few simple clicks

Build complex datasets without a single line of SQL–we’ll show you the raw SQL too if that’s what you’re into. Here’s an example in only a few clicks:



Does calling our support team after visiting the site affect conversion to a lead?

6 Clicks

(Show me all users who did a "Session" on the marketing website, and append "Called Support Team", and conversion to "Lead Capture")


Oh, does their first touch attribution affect their likelihood to convert?

+1 Click

(Append the "Session Source" column)


Hmm, are these people visiting the FAQ page, or submitting tickets before calling?

+2 Clicks

(Append "View FAQ" and "Submit Ticket")

Tired of mismatched numbers?

Use data from one consistent source

We work directly with your engineering team to transform all your existing data in your warehouse into one table. All analysis and insights from Narrator point back to this table, meaning everyone will always be using the right data.

Need to verify that your data is correct?

Investigate raw data that makes up any answer.

Explore any individual’s Customer Journey--every action between that customer and your business--to know exactly what they did, and immediately understand what data might be missing or incorrect.

Audit any dataset from Narrator in seconds

At the top of your datasets we automatically give you a TL;DR summary of relevant metrics for each particular column.

Everyone wins

We built the Narrator platform to allow any user to ask any data question, where numbers always match, and are easy to verify.

Data Consumers

Freedom to get the data you need to discover insights.

Data Analysts

Access to all your company’s data in one consistent table, making writing algorithms a breeze.

Data Engineers

Full Control over your data model.

The Narrator UI is powered by a data modeling solution that takes advantage of everything in your warehouse.

Try it with your own data

Your team could be using Narrator in as little as 24 hours. Setup is easy.