A full-service data team for startups of any size

Narrator takes care of all your data needs at every step along your journey, from delivering insights to setting up a scalable data infrastructure to answering any data question.

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Data services for high growth companies

"We first used Narrator when we were a scrappy startup working out of an apartment. 18 months later, we have grown to more than 300 employees, many of whom leverage data on a daily basis to identify insights."

Peter MacRobert

VP of Engineering, Candid Co

Custom Analyses

Data-driven business decisions are among the most effective ways to increase ROI, lower expenses, and decrease churn. Our senior data analysts will work with your team to deliver custom analyses that go far deeper than simple charts or dashboards.

We don't just show you whether one feature or channel "converts" better than another. We check for significance, consistency, and causality so you can be confident in your data-driven decisions.

Other Benefits:

Future Proof Data Infrastructure

Tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or even Amplitude struggle to capture the scope of everything that happens to your customers. Narrator provides data infrastructure that will grow with you from now until you IPO.

Data Expertise

From building WeWork's data infrastructure to working with startups of different sizes, we've seen all the ways you can use data—for better and for worse. Access our team of data analysts to help you grow your business.

No Risk

Hiring good data talent is difficult and time-consuming. Let us handle your data needs, so you can focus on growing your business.


Costs no more than one in-house data analyst.

Cancel any time

Month to month. No surprises.

Keep your data forever

We operate on top of your data warehouse. If you choose to cancel nothing goes away.

We love giving data advice

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