& Benefits

We built the Narrator platform to allow any user to ask any data question, where numbers always match, and are easy to verify.

Built for Data Teams, Designed for Everyone

Connect your customers across your siloed data sources

Data Model

Narrator uses all your existing data and manages user mapping out of the box. If the data exists, and it’s modeled in Narrator, you’ll be able to use it.

Customer Journey

Audit the complete history of any of your customers, even across multiple sources

Build datasets with complex relationships, all on your own


Defining complex relationships yourself is easy in our UI. Create a dataset such as, “only show users who purchased our product AFTER submitting a lead,” without writing a single line of SQL.

Group & Pivot

Pivot and group, no matter how many millions of rows of data you have. You can even create multiple pivot and group by views within the same dataset.

Verify results in an instant

Context At Anytime

Summarize each column's results, so you know immediately when something doesn’t seem right, or if you need to further clarify your query. Catch common issues like unexpected date ranges, duplicate values, too many nulls, etc...

Search Anything

Quickly search for any value, attribute, or entity in your warehouse. You don’t need to know your company’s exact nomenclature or dig through tons of tables of data to find what you need.

Share your data with ease

Daily Reports

Automatically send any KPI's you want to see over email or text (daily, monthly, quarterly).


Quickly create materialized views for use in analysis or BI tools. Powerful export options allow you to download datasets, email reports, export via SFTP, and send via webhooks.

Generate company performance dashboards quickly


Keep track of all the metrics you want in customizable, personal dashboards.

Simple Interface

Build informative dashboards to monitor your company health. In a few clicks, select an Activity and a few universal metrics (Total Events, Total Revenue, Conversion Rate, and much more).

Try Narrator with your data

Your team could be using Narrator in as little as 2 hours. Setup is free and easy.