On-demand data analysis for startups of any size

Data-driven business decisions are among the most effective ways to increase ROI, lower expenses, and decrease churn. We focus on deep analyses that impact your bottom line, regardless of your stage of data maturity.

introducing mavis beta

Data analyses you trust for half the price of a data analyst.

2 Analyses per month

A senior data analyst will work directly with your team to answer your two most pressing data needs each month.

Examples: What are my highest Lifetime Value customer segments? Which types of Marketing events have the greatest influence on conversion?

Everything you need with no long-term commitment

Do you have analysts but need a bit more data analytics help? We'll provide you with everything you need on a month to month basis.

Don't have your first hire yet? We'll set up a future-proof data system.


$5k per month. Your first two analyses are free and you can cancel any time.

How it works

Powerful AI backed by senior analysts

Our analysts build each new custom analysis. Our platform then converts it into a template, empowering our analysts to automatically build dozens of similar analyses.

Our Process

1. Understand your needs

Our analysts works with you to understand your core metrics, business concepts, and which analyses will be most impactful.

2. Prepare Data

We transform your data into a common format, leaving it in your warehouse if you have one, or by setting one up if you don't.

Commonly-used warehouses: Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery

3. Deliver analyses

We'll answer any data question you have twice per month. All analyses are built and vetted by a senior analyst.

No Risk

First two analyses are free

We're so confident our analyses will provide real, immediate business impact that you'll get the first two free. If you don't like them just cancel.

Simple Pricing


$5k/month - Half the price of a Data Analyst.

Cancel any time

Month to month. No surprises.

Keep your data forever

All your data stays with you. If you choose to cancel nothing goes away.

Interested in MAVIS beta?

Reach out to sign up. Limited to the first 5 companies.