The fastest and most comprehensive data platform for data analysts,


Narrator is a fundamentally new approach to data: answer any question without having to build a new model or update SQL.

Our Customers

Data analysis without limitation

Other data companies help you build and manage models and tables. Good for them – but we eliminate that need altogether.

Set up Narrator
in one hour.
Never data model again.
Explore & analyze any
data in your warehouse
without data prep.

Narrator models each business concept once from any source in your warehouse, in a single time-series table.

Each takes five minutes and once built, does not have to change for new questions.

New data questions or metrics never require new data prep. Every business concept can be queried, plotted, explored, and related together, all without SQL – using any data in your warehouse.

Narrator can answer any question in minutes. We mean it.

Encourage your team to ask an infinite number of follow-up questions, creating a culture that feeds curiosity — that liberates the business to ask, iterate, and innovate.

“If a customer opens a marketing email, how likely are they to buy our product?”
“If a customer opens a marketing email and starts a web session within 30 minutes, how likely are they to buy our product that day?
“How does Narrator integrate with my existing data stack?”
“Who were the specific customers who closed in April?”
“Does the email campaign even matter?”

Gold Standard Security

Security at Narrator is not an afterthought — we design and build for it through every stage of our process.

We build for compliance with:

SOC2 Type II