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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe?

The single table you create with Narrator is stored in your warehouse. All data is encrypted during storage and transmission and we connect to your database from an isolated network. For clients that are subject to HIPAA privacy laws, we are able to sign a BAA.

What about integrating with my existing tools?

You have the ability to take any Dataset created by Narrator and sync it with your existing systems (and BI tools) by copying the generated SQL, materializing the output as a table in your warehouse, or exporting the data over SFTP, Webhook, Google Sheet, and more.

Narrator effectively just reads from and generates tables, so its interaction with other tools or parts of the data process is straightforward. It can read from raw tables or from derived ones, and Narrator-generated materialized views can either directly power visualization tools or be used as a basis for further joining to make derived tables.

How much does it cost?

We know that data is vital to your business's success so we promise to work with you and make sure cost is never in the way regardless of your company’s size.

What if it’s not a good fit?

Narrator is a single table addition to your warehouse. If you try the product and don't want to move forward simply delete that one table and it is like we were never there.

Will a single table be FAST enough?

Narrator's structure is ideal for columnar data warehouses. We optimize all Narrator generated queries to take full advantage of the sort and distribution keys that we set.

What about maintenance?

Narrator maintains your single table activity stream for you. Updates to your table happen every 30 minutes, data is reconciled nightly, the table and it’s dependent tables are vacuumed as needed, and any Narrator created datasets are cached to minimize load on your warehouse.

How is Narrator different than similar tools?

Has access to all existing data — designed to bridge data between multiple systems

Fully accessible — all data stays in your warehouse Everything is SQL — easy to understand what it’s doing

Integrates well — datasets made by Narrator are put back into the warehouse for further use by other tools.

UI-based -- allows non data analysts to build transformations and aggregations easily

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