Setting Up Narrator

The Narrator setup process is split into two parts: connecting Narrator to your Redshift cluster and building your initial set of transformation scripts to populate the activity stream.

If Redshift has not yet been connected, visiting Narrator will redirect you to the Redshift [setup page] (, which looks like this.

onboarding flow

You'll need to complete this step before you're able to explore the rest of Narrator. It should take about 20 minutes.

Once Redshift has been successfully connected you'll be directed to the data management page to build your first transformation scripts. These define how Narrator transforms data from tables in your warehouse into activities in our activity stream.



Prior to setting up Narrator you'll need to have admin access to your Redshift cluster. We'll ask you to create a user and provide those credentials to Narrator.

You'll also need to know to connect to your Redshift cluster. Some are directly accessible from the internet while others require an SSH tunnel. You may also need to whitelist Narrator's IP addresses.

It will be helpful to know the name of the user that ingests data into the warehouse (for example, the user for an external ELT service like FiveTran), but if you don't have it Narrator can infer it.


Adding Redshift credentials in Narrator requires an administrator account. The first user we provision will be an admin. The setup process will allow you to create additional admins if you'd like others set things up.