Redshift Setup

The first step in setting up Narrator is to connect to Redshift. When you visit Narrator you should automatically be redirected to the Redshift setup page. That guide will walk you through all the necessary steps.

You should have received an email from us with a link to log into your account. If you haven't please contact support.

Confirm Account Details

Add any admins you like to Narrator. Until setup is complete only admins can access Narrator, so from this step you are unable to create normal users. This step is optional. You can add users at any time later.

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Connect Narrator to Redshift

Quick vs Manual Setup

Here you have the option of choosing between quick and manual setup. We strongly suggest using Quick Setup. The primary difference is that Narrator will need superuser credentials to do a one-time setup of the proper users and groups. You'll be able to review and confirm the scripts it will run.

Manual setup will require you to run those scripts manually yourself. If you're unsure you can make a choice and then go back.

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Enter Credentials

This is where you connect Narrator to the Redshift database. Once you enter your credentials we'll test the connection. If it doesn't work you might need to try whitelisting our IP addresses or adding a connection to an SSH Tunnel.

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IP Addresses

These are the addresses to whitelist to allow Narrator to connect

IP Addresses

Review and Submit

This step allows you to review the scripts Narrator will run to set everything up. When it's complete you'll be done with the setup process and can move on to creating transformation scripts.

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Why does Narrator have multiple IP addresses?

Narrator's core services run from multiple Amazon availability zones. This means our servers are in separate data centers and are more resilient to outages.

What is an SSH Tunnel?

Some Redshift clusters are configured to never be accessible outside of its VPC (i.e. never from the internet). Another server inside the VPC can be configured to act as a secure bridge to allow access. Narrator connects to the tunnel, which forwards the traffic onwards to Redshift.