Data Platform Features

Narrator powers self-service analytics across all your data. It allows anyone to get answers in minutes instead of weeks, using the same data as your data team.

A data platform for anyone on your team to answer any data question without SQL


Dataset Builder

Answer ad hoc data questions in minutes using your customer 360

  • Answering questions is as simple as combining customer actions
  • Create aggregations and simple plots

Analyze Button

Generate an analysis instantly with all the information you need to make the best decision

  • Ask ANY question on top of a dataset
  • Each generated Narrative checks trends, features, statistical significance, and consistency–what a Senior Data Scientist would do to ensure you are informed


Sync any dataset where you need it automatically

  • Schedule and materialize tables directly to your warehouse so BI can use them
  • Export data over webhooks to sync your data to SaaS tools (spreadsheets, Email Service Providers, ad platforms, etc...)

Customer Journey

Get a unified view of all customer activity

  • Search for a specific customer
  • Diagnose tracking issues with advanced filters
  • Enable sales and support with this unified view

Narrative Editor

Create your own actionable analyses with context built right in

  • Reproduce analyses easily with templates
  • Monitor and snapshot analyses at specific moments in time
  • Set variables to reference dynamic numbers

SQL Editor

Query your warehouse directly from the platform

  • Add context around your queries with markdown
  • Save queries to share with colleagues
  • Cache results to avoid re-running

Advanced Monitoring

Manage all of Narrator's processing infrastructure

  • Update CRON schedule for all customer 360 transformations and integrations
  • View all running jobs and trigger re-runs
  • Subscribe to alerts on job errors

Additional benefits

For data engineers

  • Identity resolution for multi-user, multi-device data capture
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure quality
  • Intelligent query caching engine
  • Advanced materialization control
  • Auto vacuuming and resource cleanup (for Redshift)

For analysts

  • Powerful activity search to find what you need instantly
  • Analysis snapshots to see data in history
  • Optimized SQL queries
  • Anomaly detection
  • Historical versioning of all transformations and definitions
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Expect more from your self-service tools

We're serious about going from question to data-driven decision in minutes. We'll show you with your data!
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