The Analyze Button

The power of a Senior Data Scientist in one simple button.

How it Works

Go from question to decision in minutes

You ask the question, Narrator's Analyze Button generates an analysis with all the information you need to make the best decision.

Get answers to your most important questions

Narrator gives anyone the power to ask "Does this have any effect on my KPI?" Define whether you want to increase or decrease your KPI and the lever you want to test and get a comprehensive analysis to help you understand the impact.

With you in full control over what to test and when to test it–and not some magical computer algorithm checking for random correlations throughout all your data–we ensure that the insights are both relevant and accurate.

A clear recommendation, not just fun facts

Each analysis comes with a clear recommendation that you can act upon.

We also give you the key takeaways, details, and even simulate the impact of taking the recommendation. This ensures you have everything you need to take action with confidence.

How it Works

Integrated into Narrator's Data Platform

Narrator already made it trivial to get the data you need with the dataset tool. You can now generate a Narrative off that data instantly, giving everyone the power to make data-driven decisions.

Ask ANY question on top of a dataset

The "Analyze Button" is built into Narrator's dataset tool. Assemble the data you need for any question you have, then hit "Analyze" to go from exploring data to taking a data-driven action in minutes.

Same button, with infinite applications

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Expect more from your self-service tools

We're serious about going from question to data-driven decision in minutes. We'll show you with your data!
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