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Founding Team

We built WeWork's data system. We're building a platform so startups can do the same.


As the first data engineer at WeWork, Ahmed founded their data team and built out their first data system. Wrote AI missile defense algorithms and worked on super human exoskeletons at Raytheon.

Secret talents: massage therapist, belly dancer, loves pie, hates pie charts.


As a former Engineering Director and early employee of WeWork, Cedric brings engineering leadership, business acumen and product strategy to our team. Has over 15 years experience building software at places like WeWork and Microsoft.

When not in office, Cedric is scouring the globe for saucisson.


Previously WeWork, Warby Parker, and Bazaarvoice. Learned what dropping a production table means by accident in 1998 and has never been the same. Still types with two to six fingers, now with a focus on Architecture, Infrastructure, and Quality.

Has cat and dog.


Passionate about Frontend, React, and semantics. Engineering Lead on WeWork’s growth team for a few years before giving up on pestering Ahmed for data and joining the fight.

Has a healthy obsession with hosting dinner parties.

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